in reach

Words in black on white pages. Aren’t those that are found in the Bible much more than that? Living words—that’s what Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, called them. And yet, I read them, and too often treat them, like other ordinary words. They roll right on by in my mind. Sometimes, with God’s help, I catch a glimpse of their life, their depth. I want them to mean more to me than mere words on a page. I want to get them down into my life, live them out. The problem is, doing that isn’t all that automatic . . . or easy.

For instance, take Jesus’ words that are the inspiration for the title of this site.

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:36 (NLT)

Living free.

That freedom Jesus has for each of us can feel far out of reach, especially when:

. . . you walk down the hall at school, come up behind your friends, and overhear them talking about how they want to ditch you Continue reading


a different kind of free

Tell me . . . What does it mean to you to be free—I mean really free?

No, not the normal, everyday freedoms we might experience—depending on where we live—but the way Jesus might have meant it when he said that if he sets me free, I’m truly free (John 8:36). Besides the usual, and crucial, application of freedom from being a slave to sin, what is Jesus talking about there? What does his kind of freedom look like within the context of my life? How do I grab hold of it when I’m sliding around in the muck of life’s struggles and pressures?

I get the feeling that it’s going to take me an eternity to really figure out “living free” like Jesus meant it. But in the meantime, I know he wants me to begin living that freedom where I am right now.

A good place to start. Well, that and the only place to start.