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Standard Publishing—Released September, 2009



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Summary from Standard’s July-October 2009 catalog:
Live Free Journey : Small Group Study, the first of the new series of Live Free resources, will help create a safe place for teens to work through their struggles together. It sets up a vibrant discussion base for students to discover, in a deeply personal way, what Jesus meant when he said, “If the Son sets you free, you are truly free” (John 8:36 NLT).

In small groups, students will:
-Take their own courageous journeys toward hope and freedom
-Invite real and honest conversation about life’s tough issues
-Provide opportunity to confront personal traps and distortions of God’s truth

Live Free Journey takes students through six dynamic weeks of Bible study and safe, small group sharing and launches participants beyond the group into future commitments and service.

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EYES ONLINE, EYES ON LIFE—A Journey Out of Online Addictions
Standard Publishing—Fall, 2008






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Jan Kern writes with insight, passion, and wisdom as she chronicles the struggles of young people who have become caught in compulsive Internet use. Her counsel to teens—or anyone else dealing with online obsessive behavior—is grounded in sound Christian principles and benefits from the insights of leading experts in the emerging field of Internet addiction. Teens, parents, and youth pastors everywhere should read this book.

—Andrew Careaga, author, Hooked on the Net and eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation


Chatting, blogging, e-mailing, surfing . . . It didn’t end there for Colin. His loneliness fed an obsession with the Internet that led to online addictions to pornography, gaming, and endless surfing. In this third book in the Live Free series, Eyes Online, Eyes On Life, you’ll read about:

-Colin’s growing connection to God that helped him face and overcome his isolation and obsessions

-others—both guys and girls—who have struggled and then discovered how to balance their real and virtual lives

-ideas for managing online and offline activities to strengthen identity and relationships

-warning signs of Internet addiction and how to help

There is a way out of the loneliness and depression of Internet isolation and a way in to the freedom of real-world relationships—with people and with God—and the identity and purpose found there.

SEDUCED BY SEX, SAVED BY LOVE—A Journey Out of False Intimacy
Standard Publishing—Spring, 2008






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Jan Kern’s Seduced by Sex : Saved by Love—A Journey Out of False Intimacy is an engaging, warm, disturbing, and powerful look at the journey from brokenness to healing. With compelling tenderness, Jan writes about the harsh realities of the pain and heartache of sexual experience outside of God’s design, and does so without being preachy or shallow. This book is real, and important. Offering hope to those who are in the midst of sexual wandering and confusion, and a wake-up call to those dabbling on the edges, Seduced by Sex : Saved by Love is a gift of grace.

—Chap Clark, PhD; senior editor, YouthWorker Journal; author, Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers

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In this second book in the Live Free series, you’ll follow the true story of Suzy, whose search for acceptance and belonging pulled her into the grip of the pressures, lies, and confusion of today’s message about sexuality.

You’ll read about:

-God’s pursuit of Suzy and how he brought her back into his arms of love

-others–both guys and girls–who have struggled through false intimacy and brokenness and later found healing

-useful responses to today’s pressures and misconceptions about sex

-how to encourage those trapped in a destructive sexual lifestyle

Standard Publishing, Fall, 2007
ECPA Christian Book of the Year Finalist, 2008


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Jan has written a sensitive approach to a subject more prevalent than most adults realize. Self-injury is driven by a massive amount of pain. This book offers hope and help through the real-life journey of one young hurting woman, and it doesn’t pull punches. It reveals the hidden hurts of many of today’s teenagers, using haunting images and stories that will stir your emotions, cause you to think, and at times make you cry. The book also offers strategies for responding to hurting teenagers. . . . I highly recommend this book to students, parents, and youth leaders.

—Dr. Les Christie, chairman, youth ministry, William Jessup University; Youth Specialties Core Team

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You couldn’t count the scars that mark Jackie’s arms . . . or the emotional scars that have slashed across her heart. Scars That Wound : Scars That Heal–A Journey Out of Self-Injury tells Jackie’s story and will help others like her begin to believe freedom from self-injury is possible. The unique format of this nonfiction book makes its message accessible to all who are interested in the issue of self-injury—the struggling young adult as well as the youth leader, teacher, mentor, friend, or family member who wants to know how they can help

First in the Live Free series. Included are: real stories of those who self-harm, powerful devotional elements, tips for those who want to help a self-injuring teen, and discussion questions for one-on-one or small group study.

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