in reach

Words in black on white pages. Aren’t those that are found in the Bible much more than that? Living words—that’s what Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, called them. And yet, I read them, and too often treat them, like other ordinary words. They roll right on by in my mind. Sometimes, with God’s help, I catch a glimpse of their life, their depth. I want them to mean more to me than mere words on a page. I want to get them down into my life, live them out. The problem is, doing that isn’t all that automatic . . . or easy.

For instance, take Jesus’ words that are the inspiration for the title of this site.

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:36 (NLT)

Living free.

That freedom Jesus has for each of us can feel far out of reach, especially when:

. . . you walk down the hall at school, come up behind your friends, and overhear them talking about how they want to ditch you

. . . you head downstairs and find Mom and Dad in the kitchen looking really upset, and they tell you they’re getting a divorce

. . . you just heard your best friend was killed in a car accident

. . . you’re huddled into the corner of your bedroom listening to scary sounds coming through the walls . . . slurred, raised voices and things crashing and breaking

. . . the anxiety and pain you’re experiencing is so intense, you feel the only way you can bring relief is by cutting or burning yourself

. . . you feel trapped by alcohol, drugs, or other addictions

. . . you can’t go through even one day at school or work without feeling pressured to be someone you don’t want to be

. . . you appear on the outside like you’re confident, but inside you feel like you’re barely holding everything together

A few of those are too familiar to me. In those moments, I’ve felt like the ground is giving away and I’m about to be swallowed up in something I never signed on for. Just as I’m about to be sucked under, I reach for the edges of that freedom Jesus talks about. I can’t . . . get . . . to it.

Then God comes near. He has never failed to bring his freedom within reach.


2 Responses

  1. thats awsome im going to ask my friend to visit this site

  2. Kaleigh, thanks! And thank you for stopping by too.

    Yep, God is amazing. We can’t get to that freedom without him!

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